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About Us

Taste The Tradition Est. 1957

Founded in 1957 by Dean Christie, a salad dressing company quickly attained legendary status in New England, based on a family recipe and premium ingredients. Today, at Christie's Dressing, our dedication to excellence and innovation is fueled by our customers' influence in everything we undertake.

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Our Story

Avon Food Company has evolved into a comprehensive food manufacturer, focusing on our integrated food manufacturing ecosystem. We proudly present a complete range of Christie’s brand dressings & marinades, catering to retail and food service needs.


Situated in Stoughton, Mass., our expansive manufacturing, research, and distribution facility upholds Christie’s longstanding tradition of excellence. Since 1957, we have been dedicated to enhancing the quality and health attributes of our products, ensuring they meet the highest standards every day.

Avon Food's 

Our Families Tradition

Continuing the tradition of family is at the heart of our mission at Avon Food Company. We uphold the values of unity, dedication, and quality that have been passed down through generations.


These principles guide us as we innovate and grow, ensuring that the essence of family remains woven into every aspect of our business operations.

Our Family Tree

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